Your subscription payment, together with any extra donation you may care to give, is now subject to the gift aid arrangements brought in by the Government in April 2000.

The Evangelical Library is able to reclaim tax payments from the Government at no extra cost to yourself and thus enhances the value of your payments and gifts.

What you need to know about Gift Aid

  • It is applicable to gifts of any size.
  • You can cancel your declaration at any time by notifying The Evangelical Library.
  • You must be a UK income tax payer, paying income or capital gains tax annually of at least the amount reclaimable on your Gift Aid donations.

If you stop paying tax during the period of this declaration please let the Evangelical Library know in writing.
Please print off, fill in and return the completed form or forms, together with your cheque made payable to “The Evangelical Library” if appropriate, to:

The Evangelical Library
5/6 Gateway Mews
Bounds Green Road
N11 2UT

NB. Please do not send anything to your bank.

May we thank you in advance for all your very kind support.