At long last the Evangelical Library has moved to its new premises.

For nearly two years now delicate negotiations have taken place to find a new home for the Library and to relocate it in better premises. The Chiltern Street property was becoming an increasing burden and two years ago we were faced with the prospect of another large bill for repairs. When the scale of these was revealed the trustees realised that drastic action was needed if the Library was to be saved.

As a result a consideration of various options was discussed. Eventually the most practical solution seemed to be to see if it might be possible to sell the lease on Chiltern Street and whether that would enable us to purchase a property of our own. After many frustrations and problems that arose, including some quite unexpected ones that seemed at times to throw the whole project into chaos, we were directed to the Gateway Mews site. Further delicate negotiations ensued again with a number of further frustrations and difficulties before we were able to take possession of the property at 5/6 Gateway Mews, Bounds Green.
The new building is just off the North Circular Road at Hobart’s Corner and a short walk from Bounds Green Underground station. The books have all been moved to the new site and the Library is now open again after two weeks closure during the time of the move.

We are so thankful to God for His overruling providence in what has been a very anxious time for the trustees. His ways are perfect and we are sure that the Library is now on a more secure basis than it has been for many years.

Thankyou to so many who have shown great patience during these uncertain days of difficult negotiations. We believe that this is the right move for the Library and one that will pay dividends in future years.